Parenting a Teen

Episode 6 May 12, 2021 00:41:33
Parenting a Teen
Building Resilience
Parenting a Teen

May 12 2021 | 00:41:33


Show Notes

Studies are showing that the social restrictions of the COVID pandemic have been especially harmful for teens; even prior to the pandemic, mental illness and teens have been a large public health concern. It’s a time in one’s life that is full of growth and development, making a caring, nonjudgmental, support system crucial. We know that it can be challenging for parents and caregivers to know how to support a teenager, especially while juggling all of life’s other demands. KCSARC’s Family Services Specialists and Preventionist discuss how parents can support the teens in their lives, what’s typical adolescent behavior, and what could be a concerning red-flag. 

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