Building Resilience

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Building Resilience, a project of King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC), provides information and tangible tools to listeners who want to do the work in ending sexual violence. Each episode focuses on a topic under the larger umbrella of sexual assault, with specific steps someone can take to change the culture in their everyday life: whether it’s a discussion on parenting tools to raise empathetic, resilient youth, or a conversation with young folks on how to create a safer school environment, listeners will be equipped with what they need to help end sexual violence in our communities. Visit us at

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Latest Episodes…

  1. “The aftercare of trauma” – part 2 with Heaven

    This episode is the second half of a conversation with KCSARC Speakers Bureau member, Heaven. In this conversation, Heaven talks about the ongoing healing process for her and her family following her daughter’s disclosure of sexual abuse. Connect with us: Visit our website at Email the show at Find us ...


  2. “What you’re going through is a season” with Heaven

    Meet Heaven: KCSARC Speakers Bureau member, the mother of survivors of abuse, and an outspoken advocate for sexual assault awareness. Seven years ago, Heaven’s daughter disclosed that she was experiencing sexual abuse by her father for years, and since then, Heaven has worked to support her family through the healing ...


  3. If your child discloses, cover the BASES

    As a parent or caregiver, learning that your child has been sexually abused is likely one of the most difficult things to go through, and it’s absolutely understandable that you wouldn’t know how to respond or react to a disclosure. KCSARC’s Family Services Specialists share a set of tips to ...


  4. Parenting a Teen

    Studies are showing that the social restrictions of the COVID pandemic have been especially harmful for teens; even prior to the pandemic, mental illness and teens have been a large public health concern. It’s a time in one’s life that is full of growth and development, making a ...


  5. Tangible Takeaway: The Art of Active Listening

    This Tangible Takeaway is so important that it needed to be spotlighted: it’s the art of active listening. KCSARC’s Family Services Specialists share why actively listening to your child is so important, but it’s a skill that all of us should practice in all of our relationships. Connect with us: Visit our ...