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Building Resilience, a project of King County Sexual Assault Resource Center (KCSARC), provides information and tangible tools to listeners who want to do the work in ending sexual violence. Each episode focuses on a topic under the larger umbrella of sexual assault, with specific steps someone can take to change the culture in their everyday life: whether it’s a discussion on parenting tools to raise empathetic, resilient youth, or a conversation with young folks on how to create a safer school environment, listeners will be equipped with what they need to help end sexual violence in our communities. Visit us at

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Tangible Takeaway: Grounding Techniques

    After a traumatic experience, it is normal to experience uncomfortable things like flashbacks and anxiety. KCSARC Therapist Chris Johnson shares some grounding techniques that can help bring you back into the moment.   Connect with us: Visit our website at Email the show at Find us on Facebook, Instagram, ...


  2. Tangible Takeaway: The “What if?” Game

    What if you could spend the day with your favorite celebrity—who would you choose? The “What if?” game is a helpful tool that KCSARC’s Family Services Specialists recommend to parents and caregivers (and also use themselves, as parents!) to start conversations and to build strong decision-making skills. You can use scenarios ...


  3. “You called the right place – you’re gonna be okay” with Cindy

    We’ve heard from KCSARC's Family Services Specialists, and we’ve heard from parents of child sexual abuse survivors. As our first series of “Building Resilience” winds down, we share a conversation with Cindy. Cindy experienced sexual abuse as a child and utilized KCSARC services, and is now working at KCSARC to ...


  4. 5 Sexual Grooming Behaviors

    A concept that has come up in multiple episodes thus far is “grooming,” or the deliberate effort to create a trusting relationship with a child and community with the ultimate intent of sexual abuse. It’s work that is manipulative and gradual, and often very subtle. And though it can be ...


  5. “Measure your success incrementally” with Stephanie

    Stephanie is a former KCSARC client, and a parent of three child survivors of sexual abuse. Years ago, her then very young children disclosed that a family friend was abusing them, and Stephanie and her family have been working together to heal from the abuse. In this episode, Stephanie shares ...